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Come in and get a taste of our tasty sambal (with noodles & other dishes!)

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About Us

Indobowl is an Indonesian inspired kopitiam that started back in September 2017. The birth of the idea came along when it was realized that no restaurants in this region grasp an Indonesian street food concept. At Indobowl, customers can gather with friends and family and relish in good food with affordable prices.

Cosy Environment

Simplicity is our goal. Our cafes are spacious and comfortable for all ages, so that you can enjoy our food worry free.

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Simply Delicious Street Food

Our dishes are inspired from the streets food in Indonesia, all the way to the home cook of spicy sambal.

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Come Visit Us!

Stop by our cafes, we’ll be glad to see you from 10.30am to 10.0pm everyday.

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